ViccyBird (2014)

ViccyBird is a frustrating and stupid Flappy Bird clone for unexpanded VIC-20

Tested : VICE 2.4 (PAL/NTSC) and real VIC-20 (PAL)

Video : youtube

Download : VIC-20 PRG

bertie casette

Micro Mart 3/20/2014 Issue 1303 p79 Viccy And Happy
"Actually, this version is okay, as the uncomplicated gameplay is well suited to the humble colour personal computer"

Commodore Free Issue 79 : Overall 5/10 "It s just too hard to play!
Although it shows even the unexpanded Vic can play mobile games, although not easily on the move"

Commodore Fan Gazette #4 : 74%
"Buffo e stupido abbastanza da non stancare mai. E tu quanti tubi superi a VICCYBIRD?"