Super Starship Space Attack (2014)

Space shooter for VIC-20 (16k). Find 3 power units and leave evil spaceship. Bottom of the level has an escape area. Every power unit raises your firepower.

Tested : VICE 2.4 (PAL/NTSC) and real VIC-20 (PAL)

Video : youtube

Download : VIC-20 PRG

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Micro Mart Issue 1341 (11 Dec 2014)
There's quite a lot of polish to the game, which includes the sort of smooth pixel scrolling seen on more powerful 8-bit personal computers, as well as the gameplay to match.

Boray's Vic-20 game awards of 2014
The number one Vic-20 game programmer of 2014 is: #1 Misfit - For the games Bertie the Ball, Super Starship Space Attack (and ViccyBird). These two games (Bertie the Ball, Super Starship Space Attack) are truly awesome and would easily have been top selling games if released in 1981/1982. I would think most active Vic-20 users probably agree with me on this.

Commodore Free issue 86
8/10 A very unique-looking game, with some mind bending music, but that’s something you expect from the programmer. The term “classy” may be overused but it's justified!

K&A Plus #1
If you like this type of games, you should like this because of fast action and simple but clear production.

Re.BIT magazine
The graphics are monochrome, but well-defined, smooth and with parallax scrolling background, the gameplay is fast-paced and constantly, to remember the classic video game arcade. Even the sounds are arcade-level, fully involving the player and encourage him to finish the game.
Suomalaiset pelikehittäjät ovat ihmeporukkaa mutta joskus hekin onnistuvat hämäämään oikein kunnolla...

Micro Mart Issue 1402 (25 Feb 2016)
9 / 10 It’s hard to believe that any game could pack so much into the Vic 20 as this. Bearing in mind the hardware limitations, this may be the best game we’re ever going to see for this machine period.
Buy it immediately!

Retro Gamer Issue 154
A shoot-'em-up with strategy elements from Misfit...

Eight bit magazine Issue 1
It's a fantastic and enjoyable game that won't disappoint. Overall : 9