RetroRalliRace (2015)

Retro Ralli Race is a simple, low res, 2D and free retro rally racing game. It does not include any ads, it does not provide special cars or upgrades. It only provides frustrating challenges and horrendous levels.

if you like classic Commodore 64 "Rally Speedway" or "LeMans" try this game.

The size of the game is optimised and it's very fast to start and close. You can waste few minutes and make a new online record!

Remember to add your name and enable online hi-score!

retro ralli race

Platform : Android

Tested : HuaweiY330-U01, Nexus 7, Samsun Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung Pocket

Release date : 07.08.2015

Video : youtube

Download : Google Play

Online hi-score list: web