Mr Angry Dude (2015)

Mr Angry dude is a simple puzzle game with very weird game mechanic. You have to collect all keys, push items, scroll screen, jump and go to next level.

Tested : VICE 2.4 (PAL/NTSC) and real C16+extra mem (PAL)

Release date : 25.04.2015

Video : youtube

Download : C16 D64 - C16 TAP

angrydude casette


RetroGamer Issue 143 Mr Angry Dude, unsurprisingly, spends his time being annoyed, and since he's become trapped within a series of puzzles his mood isn't set to improve for the foreseeable future. 8 / 10

K&A Plus Issue 2 Mr Angry Dude is unexpectedly quite a nice name for a game. Especially, because the protagonist of the game is an angry, funny creature that with its’ pissed off appearance causes a player to laugh.