KiraKiraRetro (2013)

Ludum Dare#26


Collect all diamonds and be a hero.

Versions : Android (219k), Windows (166k), Wii (336k), Web (428k)

Windows version is a main version. If you play a web-version, only Firefox provides audio.

Android (touch screen support)
- left (left middle screen)
- right (right middle screen)
- up (top of the screen)
- down (bottom of the screen)

Wii : wiimote (1st)

Windows and Web : arrow keys

Tested :
- Windows 8 (OpenGL)
- Windows 7 (OpenGL)
- Firefox 20.0.1 (Win) (WebGl) (few problems?)
- Firefox 20.0 (Mac) (WebGl) (works fine)
- Crome (WebGl) (no sounds but works fine)
- Samsung Galaxy Mini (OpenGL ES 1)
- Samsung Galaxy XCover (OpenGL ES 1)
- Asus Nexus 7' (OpenGL ES 1)
- Wii (the Homebrew Channel)

Download : (Windows/Web/Wii/Android) (HTML5 WebGL)